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Which Light Therapy product should I choose for Acne and pimples?

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Which product should I choose for Acne and pimples? Low Level Laser Therapy or LED Acne Lamp?

Please note that we are not a doctors so please take any advice given with a grain of salt and consult your doctor first before purchasing. It is important to understand which light frequencies are best for treating acne to understand which devices are best for you.

Red (630-660nm) and Infrared light therapies (790-900nm) are effective in healing acne faster because they increasing blood circulation and cellular regeneration. Red and Infrared Light therapy makes the skin healthier so it heals faster and can fight new acne breakouts more effectively.

Blue Light Therapy in the range of 415-430nm has been shown to kill acne causing bacteria Acne Vulgaris with about 80% of patients seeing significant improvement of acne over three months of use.1

(For more information about light therapy please see: how light therapy works)

Recently LED Acne Lights have become very popular as they offer Blue Light Therapy as well as Red and infrared Light therapy while lasers are only available in Red and infrared. (There are blue lasers but they are too expensive and too dangerous to be useful for skin care.) However, Laser therapy treatment times are shorter and the naturally coherent laser light seems to be more effective than LED light.

LEDs Light therapy products like the BrightPad are able to be mounted on stands so they can be used hands free. This means you can use them while working at a desk and can treat areas of the body like the back which cannot be reached with hand held devices. Treatment times are longer than laser therapy products but LED lights can cover a much larger area at one time so it balances out. LED light therapy products have Blue light therapy for killing Acne Vulgaris.

Laser therapy products in general are hand held and have shorter treatment times then LED light products. The area they cover is somewhat small but their light is considered more effective. Because of their concentrated light, LLLT product often requires using eye protection when using them near the eyes. Laser therapy products are only offered in Red and infrared.

Choosing which is best, Lasers Therapy or LED light therapy for treating acne depends on you, which treatment you are likely to use as well as the type of Acne you have and your budget.

Laser light therapy is best if you like to hold a device in your hand while treating your face and if you have mild to medium acne or Acne Rosacea.
These products are best: SL50 Cluster Laser, SL-30 Beuer Softlaser, eTrans Softlaser.

Choose and LED light therapy product if you would be more likely to use the device hands free or while working and have mild to severe with acne Cystis as Blue Light therapy will be more effective for this condition. Hands free stands also make using the LED Acne lamps useful for back acne.
These products are best: L-84 BrightPad, SR11A LED Cluster, SR11B Blue LED Cluster.

Remember any device that is used directly against the skin must be cleaned before and after use with alcohol. It is best to put rubbing alcohol on a soft tissue then clean the head of the device.

Any topical creams are fine to use in conjunction with light therapy but they must be used after any light therapy treatment so as not to block the light from entering the skin.

1(Papageorgiou P, Katsambas A, Chu A (May 2000). "Phototherapy with blue (415 nm) and red (660 nm) light in the treatment of acne vulgaris". Br. J. Dermatol.)

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