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Brushing the acne away

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The struggle with acne starts by the time we hit puberty and it has been a constant battle since then. Having acne breakouts isn’t that pleasing to look at and we do everything we can to make it go away or cover it up. Some of the things we do end up making things worse though and we just get frustrated. This situation isn’t that comfortable especially when you are a teenager just trying to get through this awkward stage in life. This is when we start to get conscious about our body especially the way we look and having acne doesn’t really help in making us feel better about ourselves.

I, myself, have been having the struggle against acne since I was a teenager and thankfully I don’t experience acne breakouts as bad as I had when I was a teenager. I would have a pimple that appears every once in a while and it isn’t much of a worry for me anymore. If it was the younger me though I would muster up all my energy just to stop myself from popping that zit once I see it on my face, but I usually lost though and I would end up popping every single thing that could pop on my face. I wound up having a few pimple scars and spots from my pimple popping routine.

I really didn’t mind the few scars while I was growing up so I just let it be. It might also be because I couldn’t really afford buying creams and even having treatments for them as I was a student.  Now that I’m working, I wanted to do something about them now that I could spare a few bucks to make me look better. I turned to the most popular source of anything beauty related, commercials, and resorted to trying out scar reduction creams and the sort. All those commercials promised lighter scars within weeks, but with what I have tried it seemed they didn’t really work. I was very religious with my regimen but it turned into frustration, so I gave up with the creams.

Not having lost all hope, I went to a dermatologist to see what I can have done and this is where I encountered microdermabrasion. I tried this for a couple of sessions and found that the scarring did lessen and my skin looked and felt better. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that buffs away the surface layer of the skin to promote cell regeneration which helps reduce scars. I was very happy with the results after a few weeks, but it was a bit pricey and little much of a hassle to be going back to the doctor’s office every few weeks. I did some more research on the subject and found that there are spas who also do the procedure. There are also home kits available for purchase and personal use. This is when I did some more digging and found BrightTouch – Sonic Facial Cleansing and Skin Care System.

BrightTouch – Sonic Facial Cleansing and Skin Care System is a compact facial cleansing and skin care device as the name states. It can be used daily for cleansing and may also be used to thoroughly exfoliate the skin, not only on our face but also the rest of the body if need be. It comes with a soft sponge attachment, a soft brush head, a pumice disc and a nail buffing disc all of which serves a different purpose. The soft sponge attachment is used to massage the skin increase skin elasticity and to aid in better facial product absorption. The soft brush head is to be used with your facial wash for a deep clean and exfoliation. Calluses are what the pumice disc is used for; it exfoliates, polishes and removes rough skin on our elbows and feet. The last attachment is very self-explanatory and does not really need much explanation.

The attachments I was very interested in were the soft sponge and soft brush to help me with my acne scar problem. I would use the soft brush attachment to clean and exfoliate my skin and I would then use the soft sponge attachment to moisturize my face after exfoliation. It is good practice to moisturize with non-perfumed creams after exfoliation since the skin would absorb it better by then. I observed this practice after my microdermabrasion treatments with my dermatologist.

Exfoliation not only helps in improving the appearance of my acne scars but it also helps preventing breakouts and acne spotting. Keeping your skin clear reduces the chance for new acne scars while exfoliation minimizes the appearance of scars that are already there. Moisturizing helps in maintaining healthy skin cells and aids in the overall freshness and look of the skin. Better absorption of moisturizer would ensure in achieving a healthy looking glow to your skin. Following this regimen strictly reduced the scarring on my face and not only that but acne has not been much of a problem anymore.

BrightTouch – Sonic Facial Cleansing and Skin Care System not only helped me with problems on my face it also made my skin fairly better and healthier overall. Even my nails have gotten some love from this device. My skin feels smoother because of the deep cleaning I get from using this. I have also read and observed that through exfoliating I can maintain younger looking skin which is a big plus since aging is not really something that I would like to face unprepared. My callused feet from wearing shoes in the office the whole day also became better by using the pumice disc attachment. The roughness has reduced and it feels much softer now. I am very happy with the results I have gotten plus all the added bonuses that came along with this package. I would highly recommend this to anyone who would want to have a spa experience at home in your own personal time and for those who have acne problems like I have had before.

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