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Softlaser Plus: Safe Laser Light Treatment At Home

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There is a certain connotation that comes with hearing the word herpes and that is not something that a
person wants to be labeled with. You can acquire the virus not only through sex, even though that is
what most think of when they hear the word “herpes”, you can get infected just by simply touching
something that has come into contact with infected fluid like a shared spoon. There is a certain shame
that comes with contracting the virus and it is not fun.

Herpes, or more commonly known as cold sores, are blisters or groups of small blisters usually occurring
around the mouth and lips. These blisters are caused by the herpes simplex virus that enter the body
through a break in the skin typically around or inside the mouth. It can be contracted through coming
into contact with infected fluid from shared utensils and or razors, and also from kissing or touching an
infected person’s saliva. Once a person has been infected with the herpes simplex virus, the cold sores
have a chance to recur due to the virus reactivating when the body is under stress or when the person
has a fever.

Being infected can not only be a painful ordeal, but it could also be quite embarrassing as well so we
would want to deal with it as quickly as we can. The sores typically heal within two to three weeks, but
that is quite a long time if one is a social person so other choices would be topical creams and antiviral
medications which could speed up the healing process by 10% which is better but not really that quick.

People would also typically want to treat their cold sores as quickly as possible in order to lessen the
chance of infecting others and to limit the spread of the virus.

The quickest way to treat cold sores is through laser therapy especially when it can be caught before it
breaks out. There usually is a tingling sensation that comes when there is an outbreak oncoming, this is
the time when getting a doctor’s appointment for laser treatment would be top priority. This would be
convenient if you have the time and convenience to go to a doctor’s office whenever you want, but that
is not usually the case. This is where The Bright Therapy Softlaser Plus would come in handy especially
since cold sores recur between three to six months depending on one’s health. This could save you the
embarrassment of numerous trips to the doctor and also quite a lot of money.

The Bright Therapy Softlaser Plus features a 635nm narrow band, high power red laser light with an
11mm beam which covers a wide area for treatment. The device uses the principle of photo-
biostimulation to increase the rate of healing while also decreasing the discomfort that comes as a
symptom of cold sores. The laser is not intended to cut or burn, but it just merely penetrates the skin to
stimulate cellular growth. It is a non-invasive and convenient way to treat cold sores at the comfort of
your own home.

The Softlaser Plus is powered by two AAA batteries and features CPO or continuous power output
technology that uses capacitors and resistors that keep the laser light output constantly bright. This
ensures that laser output is the same all throughout your first use up to when your batteries run out.

The laser light would immediately cut off when the power runs out and would show no dimming with
every use. This technology makes the device very dependent. The package also contains an instructional
DVD, user manual and a travel case. The travel case makes the device portable for whenever you feel
the need to use it.

The Softlaser Plus does not only help treat herpes but also a multitude of other skin disorders as well.
These include eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, burns and spider veins. The device also accommodates those
who are more concerned on maintaining their beauty. The same photo-biostimulation technology helps
in reducing scars and blemishes, removing acne, and rejuvenating the skin. The laser light stimulates skin
cells to produce more ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, which induces an increase in collagen
production. The stimulation also causes the skin to heal more rapidly.

Bright Light Softlaser Plus not only treats most skin diseases and disorders, but it also helps in
maintaining a healthier and glowing complexion. This would not only help you out if you have cold sores,
but it would also be beneficial to own as it can help you beat the signs of skin aging. It also has the
added benefit of being chemical free, compact and portable. All of these benefits packed into one handy
device makes it a bargain for its $129.00 special promo price. This is an almost all in one device for your
skin care needs, so it would not only save you money on doctor’s appointments but on beauty and skin
care products as well. Each purchase also come with a one year warranty so if anything ever happens to
your softlaser plus device you will be covered.

The Bright Light Softlaser Plus is not only recommended for those who have skin disorders currently, but
also those who want to win the fight against the effects of aging on the skin. The device has multiple
purposes so it could not only be used by a single person in the family but also others who have skin
concerns. This would be helpful for the adolescents in the family since with puberty comes an outbreak
in acne. Acne is a big concern for the teens and pre-teens since it is not only irritating but it also does
not look so pleasing especially if there is an abundance of them. Softlaser Plus could help them ease the
ordeal of having acne by killing the acne causing bacteria found in the oil glands and reducing the
inflammation that goes with having acne. This product not only helps you out, but it would also help
others in your family out so this would definitely be a buy.

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