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Beauty Tips & Tricks — FAQ

How Light Therapy works for both LED and Laser

How Light Therapy works for both LED and Laser? Light Therapy is also known as Photo-stimulation or bio-stimulation.Put simply, Light Therapy stimulates the cells to produce more collage, elastin, and reproduce faster while killing acne causing bacteria. The cells essentially act as younger cells.All light therapy works on the same principle: Bio-Stimulation, also known as Photo–stimulation, photo effect, Light Therapy, Photo-biological effect, etc. All these terms refer to the effect mono-chromatic light has on the energy state of cells. LEDs and Lasers produce light in a single frequency (Mono-Chromatic ) and it is the properties of this single frequency light...

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Which Light Therapy product should I choose for Acne and pimples?

Which product should I choose for Acne and pimples? Low Level Laser Therapy or LED Acne Lamp? Please note that we are not a doctors so please take any advice given with a grain of salt and consult your doctor first before purchasing. It is important to understand which light frequencies are best for treating acne to understand which devices are best for you. Red (630-660nm) and Infrared light therapies (790-900nm) are effective in healing acne faster because they increasing blood circulation and cellular regeneration. Red and Infrared Light therapy makes the skin healthier so it heals faster and can...

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