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The Man Scrub

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When a man is concerned with the way he looks and it affects his confidence, it’s not exactly the most masculine thing. Especially with skin concerns, the latter usually connotes vanity and might even be considered a little too feminine especially with some cultures. Here I am, a working man who just wants to be able to maintain the appearance of my skin especially on my face. Yes, there are many products out there that are specially formulated for men but some of them are just a little too harsh for my liking. To be honest, some of them are technically just placebos and don’t really do what they say they’re supposed to.

Dermatologists are the go to when you want specialized help because obviously they are the experts and they also offer their own formulation of creams and ointments, but they don’t go for cheap and being a busy man, I don’t really have the time to spare for weekly visits to the doctor. There are also spas that offer facial and body treatments, but that also requires appointments and if you want a really good experience that also gains results, you would have to pay quite a sum for it. What I am looking for is something that I could do myself whenever or wherever I feel the need to.

My biggest concern of course is my face, it is what people see first and what they look at for the most part. Keeping a fresh looking face is what I want to achieve, I just want to point out that I am quite a sweaty individual so that doesn’t really help in maintaining a fresh look. Commuting isn’t really a plus either because of the exposure to pollution and dirt, not only that but being cramped in a vehicle with other people would induce sweating. Arriving fresh to the office is out of the question after the commute but I do my best to at least freshen up before heading to my cubicle.

Having looked around for something that would fit me, I stumbled upon this amazing little device called BrightTouch - Sonic Facial Cleansing & Skin Care System. This quirky device was exactly what I had in mind and it’s ideal. It is compact and battery operated so I could put it in my bag and just reach for it whenever I need to use it. It comes with four attachments that serves each own purpose. The soft sponge attachment is used to massage the skin to increase skin elasticity and to aid in better facial product absorption. The soft brush head is to be used with your facial wash for a deep clean and exfoliation. Calluses are what the pumice disc is used for; it exfoliates, polishes and removes rough skin on our elbows and feet. The last attachment is very self-explanatory and does not really need much explanation.

The attachment that I have on default is the soft brush head. It is the one I use most of the time because I want to clean my face thoroughly. My exposure to dirt and pollution plus the way I sweat often leads to an oily face and clogged up pores, so exfoliation and deep cleansing is my best friend. If I don’t clean my face thoroughly, I have all the ingredients for an acne ridden and blackhead spotted face which I obviously would not want. This is where the device comes in handy, I use after my morning commute to freshen up. I just go to the washroom, reach for it in my bag and do some light scrubbing to get rid of some of the dirt before I start my working the day away.

When I get home after work is where some intense scrubbing takes place though. After a whole day of being exposed to dirt and sweat, home is the place to be for some proper cleaning. Nothing beats feeling fresh and clean after a long day’s work, this often leads to a good night’s rest too. After scrubbing my face, I see to it that I moisturize my face too because it is during this time that the skin would absorb it best. I use the soft sponge attachment to help apply the moisturizer. This attachment also gently massages the skin to increase elasticity and make it firmer.

I use the device primarily on my face, but I also use it to scrub my chest and back since I tend to get acne in those areas from time to time. Exfoliation through microdermabrasion helps prevent acne by cleaning deep inside the pores without irritating the skin. Acne is often caused by clogged pores and overproduction of oil in the glands. Keeping the skin clean and free of dirt that could clog the pores would reduce the chances of having acne. Exfoliating your skin once in a while helps in keeping your skin young and healthy looking so that definitely is something worth doing. This also has the added bonus of minimizing the pores, so they’re not that susceptible to clogging that much.

I also really like to use the pumice disc on my feet. The amount of time spent walking around to get to the office and in the office itself could really get rough on your soles. This is where the pumice disc gets it best use, for me for the most part. It also gets some use on my elbows since sitting on a desk with them resting on an armchair for most part of the day could make your elbows rough and get a bit dark. This attachment is really nice to use once in a while to get rid of those stubborn and rough calluses. Make it like your own little spa treatment at home.

This product is a really good find for me. I was looking for something compact and handy which the BrightTouch - Sonic Facial Cleansing & Skin Care System definitely is. The device is also a bargain since you can get it for a fraction of the price of its competitors, so this is a definite buy for someone on the go who wants to be as fresh faced whenever possible.

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