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How LED and Laser Light Therapy works

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How Light Therapy works for both LED and Laser? Light Therapy is also known as Photo-stimulation or bio-stimulation.
Put simply, Light Therapy stimulates the cells to produce more collage, elastin, and reproduce faster while killing acne causing bacteria. The cells essentially act as younger cells.
All light therapy works on the same principle: Bio-Stimulation, also known as Photo–stimulation, photo effect, Light Therapy, Photo-biological effect, etc. All these terms refer to the effect mono-chromatic light has on the energy state of cells. LEDs and Lasers produce light in a single frequency (Mono-Chromatic ) and it is the properties of this single frequency light that energizes the mitochondria in the cells. Energized cells increase collagen & elastin production as well as increase cellular reproduction and blood circulation causing faster healing times, and healthier skin.

How light therapy works for Acne – Blue, Red and Infrared LEDs (BrightPad L84 Acne Light)

Blue LED light helps kill the acne causing bacteria.
Blue mono-chromatic LED light helps reduce inflammation and provides a rejuvenation effect the skin.
Red & Infrared LED Light penetrates deep into the lowest skin layer helping reduce inflammation and implement faster healing times.
Used together Red, Blue, and infrared LED light get to the core of Acne by killing acne causing bacteria, reducing inflammation, and helping to rejuvenate the skin.
How Light Therapy works for Anti-aging & Rosacea. (BrightPad L84 Acne Light)

Red & Infrared mono- Chromatic LED Light stimulates mitochondria in cells increasing cellular activity.
The energized cells make more Collagen & Elastin (stimulated cells act like younger cells)
The LED Light Therapy makes the skin firmer, less wrinkled, younger looking, and more radiant.
Red and Infrared LED Light penetrate deep to the lowest skin layers where new skin cells are made starting the rejuvenating effect assisting in healing Rosacea.
Used in combination with the Blue LED Light which shrinks enlarged pores helping to soften rough skin.
How Light Therapy works to stimulate Hair growth in the scalp (BrightPad L84 Acne Light)

Red & Infrared mono-chromatic LED Light stimulates mitochondria in the dormant hair follicle cells increasing their cellular activity.
The Energized hair follicles act like younger cells and start producing hair.
Revitalized hair follicle cells increase their activity producing thicker, stronger hair.
The Red and Infrared deep penetrating light revitalize the cells in the in the lowest layer of skin leading to healthier scalp with decreased dryness.
Using the BrightPad Photo Therapy LED Light (BrightPad L84 Acne Light)

Important: Please take a picture before using the BrightPad for the first time. Treatments take time making the improvements difficult to see on a daily basis. Please take a picture in a well light room but not in direct sunlight as it can cast shadows obscuring results. Take a photo once every 30 days for 3 months duplicating the exact same lighting and location as the first photo to document your improvements. As you see the improvements in each photo, you will be motivate to continue using the BrightPad.

Please wash your face or the area you plan treat with the BrightPad. Clean skin insures maximum effect as there is nothing to block all the deep penetrating LED light from reaching your skin. Moisturizers are fine but makeup or skin treatments should be used after using your BrigthPad.
Place the BrightPad so it is 10” or less from the skin. The closer the better but the Brightpad should not be touching the skin. We recommend using the Hand Free stand so you can treat your face while surfing the internet, working at your desk, or watching TV. Light Therapy has never been so easy.
We recommend total treatment times from 15-30 minutes daily. (15 minutes per side of face is the most is best when using the hands free stand.)

For Acne, use the bright pad every day in all areas prone to acne even if you currently have not broken out. The BrightPad can be used for as little as 15 minutes per treatment. With the Hands Free stand it is best to treat each side of the face for 15 minutes.
Achieve better results by using a topical acne product. Acne products should be applied after using your BrightPad as these products can block the healing light from reaching all areas of your skin.

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