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Which Light Therapy Product to choose for hair loss & balding

Bright Therapy Hair Regrowth FAQ

Which Light Therapy Product should I choose for hair loss balding?
Both LED Light Therapy treatments and Low Level Laser Treatments (LLLT) work on the same principle of bio-stimulation (also known as photo-stimulation). Bio-stimulation is caused by single frequency coherent light stimulating the Mitochondria in the cell, which makes more ATP, energizing the cell. This in turn increases blood circulation allowing the cells to reproduce faster. The byproduct of this effect is that the cells act like healthier younger cells fighting bacteria better, producing more collagen and healing much faster.  This is why LED Light Therapy and Low Level Laser therapy is used for so many conditions.
Coherent light is the key here and the light leaving from a laser is coherent while an LED’s light is not. (Coherent light is light that is all traveling at the same frequency.)  Normally this would lead you to believe that LED must not be effective. However, the light from an LED turns coherent as it travels though the cell. This is because our buddies and cells are about 80% water and as the LED light passes though the cell a portion of it turns coherent. You can see this effect easily when you look into the bottom of a pool and see the concentration of light in some places. This light is coherent.
Without a doubt, Laser light treatment times are shorter as all the light stays coherent.  But the laser beams coverage area is directional requiring you to move the laser from place to place. On the other hand, LED light therapy can cover a much larger area as the light is non directional but only a portion of the light is coherent requiring longer treatment times.   Which is better really is a question of how you plan to treat you skin. Some people prefer having a light in a fixed place while others like to hold a device to their skin. And others would like to do the treatments as quickly as possible but some people prefer to have longer treatments.  
Our opinion is that both are good. Using both at the same time is the best solution (like our Laser Hair brush which has Lasers and LEDs) as you know you’re getting the full effect from a laser while at the same time you can be sure you are hitting all areas with the LED.

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