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How to select anti-aging & wrinkles skin care products

Bright Therapy Anti-Aging Bright Therapy Tips & Tricks Bright Therapy Wrinkle Remover FAQ

Which product should I choose for anti-aging and wrinkles? 

Please note that we are not a doctors so please take any advice given with a grain of salt and consult your doctor first before purchasing.

Deciding which device is best for anti-aging really depends on which device you are most likely to use over time and your budget. Light Therapy for anti-aging and wrinkles takes at least 30 days to see real result requiring patience and persistence.

In general Red (630-660nm) & Infrared light therapy (790-900) is most commonly used for wrinkles, anti-aging, and healthier skin. This is because Red & infrared light reach to the to the lowest skin layer where new skin is growing. (The skin on the surface of your face is dead and is not affected by light therapy.)
The newly forming skin reproduces faster under light therapy making more collagen and the cells are healthier and more puffed up. Since it takes 28 days to for the new skin cells to reach the surface noticeable results will take this long to see. Treatment should be continued for at least 3-6 months every other day and continued improvement should be seen during this time.  Maintenance treatments of 2 to 3 times a week should be continued indifferently to keep results.
Laser therapy will offer faster treatment times but all laser devices are hand held.  LED treatments take longer but they can be used hands free allowing use while surfing the internet, reading a book or watching TV.

If you feel you are more likely to use a hand held product than a Laser therapy device is probably best as lasers are tend to be more effective with shorter treatment times.  The best devices are the SL-50 Cluster laser, The SL-30 Beurer Softlaser, and the eTrans Softlaser.

If you feel you are more likely to use a hands free product so you can surf the net, watch TV or read a book while treating your skin then an LED Light therapy devices like the L-84 BrightPad is best.  LED products also offer more multi uses as they come with other colors like Blue and Green for treating Acne, varicose veins, and pigmentation.  The best device for multi role use is the L-84 BrightPad and the SR11A LED Cluster.

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