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The difference between an LED light and a common house-hold light bulb

Bright Therapy LED FAQ

What kind of LEDs does your product use? What is the difference between LEDs and a light bulb?

We use Super Luminas High intensity LEDs in all our devices. These are some of the highest power LEDs available.  The L84 BrightPad uses the most expensive medical grade LEDs with the brightest output and exact frequency rage.  The BrightPad’s LEDs use 18 degree reflectors to highly concentrate the light making it one of the brightest and most effective Acne Light Therapy lamps available on the market today. 
Most cheap LEDs are low luminosity and may not be the exact frequency specified.  The light coming from our devices can be as much as 20 times brighter than from a cheap LED.

LED Light is very different than standard incandescent or florescent light bulbs because the light from an LED is monochromatic. Monochromatic light means that the light is exactly one frequency only and this is the type of light the cells react too. Light from a regular light bulb gives off its light in many frequencies and the cells react less to this type of light.

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