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What is the difference between Lasers and LEDs for Light Therapy?

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What is the difference between Lasers and LEDs for Light Therapy?

LEDs are semiconductors that make light. They are solid state, do not use bulbs or filaments and do not burn out. They are NOT lasers. The light from LEDs is special because it can make light that is just a single very specific frequency - monochromatic. (Exact color) The light they give off is diffused and non-directional. LED light is NOT coherent but some of it turns coherent when entering the body. They are cheaper than laser diodes so more can be used to cover a larger area.

Lasers are much more complicated than LEDs. Most lasers used in light therapy products are semiconductor lasers. While the materials used to make semiconductor Lasers are similar to LEDs the way they make their light in a very different. Put simply, lasers make their light by stimulating a gain medium to release light, then amplifying the light through an optical cavity that releases it with characteristically coherent, monochromatic and concentrated properties. (Tight, twinkling, very exact colored beam). High quality light therapy products use optics to widen and disperse the beam while keeping the laser light coherent.

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