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Does Light Therapy stimulate facial hair growth

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Does Light Therapy stimulate facial hair growth as well?
Light Therapy devices like the BrightPad  and VT-128 Laser Hair Brush cannot make hair grow on the face.  The hair on your face and the hair on your scalp are different. (Otherwise you would have to cut the hair on your face the way you would the hair on your head) The hair on the skin and face grows in 6 week cycles and falls out and follows a cycle.
Scalp Hair follicles stay active. (This is why your hair grows long and has to be cut unlike hair on the skin or face) As you get older the follicles start to slow down and go dormant which leads to baldness.
Light therapy stimulates the cells so they start acting like they did when you were younger. The follicles on the scalp start growing hair faster or come out of dormancy. The skin cells start making more collagen, elastics, and puffs up like younger skin.   The skin is healthier which is why it can fight acne better.
Light Therapy does not cause new hairs follicles to form. (nothing can do this) It can only activate follicles that already exist in the scalp.
It cannot make hairs grow on your face that were not on your face already. It will only make your skin act more like it did when it was younger.

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