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Bright Therapy — Bright Therapy Anti-Aging

Does Light Therapy stimulate facial hair growth

Does Light Therapy stimulate facial hair growth as well? Light Therapy devices like the BrightPad  and VT-128 Laser Hair Brush cannot make hair grow on the face.  The hair on your face and the hair on your scalp are different. (Otherwise you would have to cut the hair on your face the way you would the hair on your head) The hair on the skin and face grows in 6 week cycles and falls out and follows a cycle. Scalp Hair follicles stay active. (This is why your hair grows long and has to be cut unlike hair on the...

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How to select anti-aging & wrinkles skin care products

Which product should I choose for anti-aging and wrinkles?  Please note that we are not a doctors so please take any advice given with a grain of salt and consult your doctor first before purchasing. Deciding which device is best for anti-aging really depends on which device you are most likely to use over time and your budget. Light Therapy for anti-aging and wrinkles takes at least 30 days to see real result requiring patience and persistence. In general Red (630-660nm) & Infrared light therapy (790-900) is most commonly used for wrinkles, anti-aging, and healthier skin. This is because Red...

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