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Bright Therapy — Bright Therapy Blue

How LED and Laser Light Therapy works

How Light Therapy works for both LED and Laser? Light Therapy is also known as Photo-stimulation or bio-stimulation.Put simply, Light Therapy stimulates the cells to produce more collage, elastin, and reproduce faster while killing acne causing bacteria. The cells essentially act as younger cells.All light therapy works on the same principle: Bio-Stimulation, also known as Photo–stimulation, photo effect, Light Therapy, Photo-biological effect, etc. All these terms refer to the effect mono-chromatic light has on the energy state of cells. LEDs and Lasers produce light in a single frequency (Mono-Chromatic ) and it is the properties of this single frequency light...

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What are the effects of light therapy on Acne

AcneNet Article on the effects of Light Therapy on Acne Are laser and light treatments really light years ahead of conventional acne therapy? Tired of applying messy lotions and remembering to take medications as prescribed? If so, you may be wondering if a laser or light therapy is right for you. To shed some light on these therapies, this article explains what research studies show and why lasers and light therapies still are not routinely prescribed to treat acne.  What Research Shows Data from clinical trials is limited. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies laser and light therapies...

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