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Bright Therapy — Bright Therapy Hair Regrowth

Does Light Therapy stimulate facial hair growth

Does Light Therapy stimulate facial hair growth as well? Light Therapy devices like the BrightPad  and VT-128 Laser Hair Brush cannot make hair grow on the face.  The hair on your face and the hair on your scalp are different. (Otherwise you would have to cut the hair on your face the way you would the hair on your head) The hair on the skin and face grows in 6 week cycles and falls out and follows a cycle. Scalp Hair follicles stay active. (This is why your hair grows long and has to be cut unlike hair on the...

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Which Light Therapy Product to choose for hair loss & balding

Which Light Therapy Product should I choose for hair loss balding? Both LED Light Therapy treatments and Low Level Laser Treatments (LLLT) work on the same principle of bio-stimulation (also known as photo-stimulation). Bio-stimulation is caused by single frequency coherent light stimulating the Mitochondria in the cell, which makes more ATP, energizing the cell. This in turn increases blood circulation allowing the cells to reproduce faster. The byproduct of this effect is that the cells act like healthier younger cells fighting bacteria better, producing more collagen and healing much faster.  This is why LED Light Therapy and Low Level Laser...

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