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Bright Therapy — FAQ

How does laser light therapy heal your skin

It works on principle of Bio-Stimulation. Basically, the Softlaser laser light stimulates the Mitochondria (the cell's powerhouse) in the cells to produce ATP. Increased ATP energizes the cell, making it reproduce faster which in turn, leads to more collagen production. The Softlaser light also promotes cell wall exchange, leading to increased blood circulation. Both effects lead to tighter, healthier skin and reduced healing times for conditions like acne or small cuts and insect bites.

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Mayo Clinic - All about light therapy medical procedures

Acne treatments: Emerging therapies for clearer skin Up-and-coming acne treatments may help clear stubborn acne. Learn more about new acne treatments and what they can and can't do for you. With the right treatment, you can keep acne under control. But what's the best acne treatment for you? Many options are available, including prescription creams and antibiotics, which target the various causes of acne. But even with the wide range of acne treatments, chronic breakouts may still be difficult to treat. New acne treatments — such as blue light therapy or diode laser therapy — may be an effective option...

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NASA study & clinical trial about LED

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) LED Study Clinical Trial NASA Light-Emitting Diode Technology Brings Relief In Clinical Trials For release: 11-05-03 Release: 03-199 Light emitting diodes bring relief to young cancer patients; NASA technology used for plant growth now in clinical trials A device using specialized light emitting diodes, based on NASA technology for plant growth in space, is continuing to show promise as a treatment to aid healing of bone marrow transplant patients. Use of the LED apparatus has advanced to the second phase of clinical trials in U.S. and foreign hospitals. Results from the first round of tests were...

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What is the difference between Lasers and LEDs for Light Therapy?

What is the difference between Lasers and LEDs for Light Therapy? LEDs are semiconductors that make light. They are solid state, do not use bulbs or filaments and do not burn out. They are NOT lasers. The light from LEDs is special because it can make light that is just a single very specific frequency - monochromatic. (Exact color) The light they give off is diffused and non-directional. LED light is NOT coherent but some of it turns coherent when entering the body. They are cheaper than laser diodes so more can be used to cover a larger area. Lasers...

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Which Light Therapy product should I choose for Acne and pimples

Which product should I choose for Acne and pimples? Low Level Laser Therapy or LED Acne Lamp? Please note that we are not a doctors so please take any advice given with a grain of salt and consult your doctor first before purchasing.  It is important to understand which light frequencies are best for treating acne to understand which devices are best for you. Red (630-660nm) and Infrared light therapies (790-900nm) are effective in healing acne faster because they increasing blood circulation and cellular regeneration.  Red and Infrared Light therapy makes the skin healthier so it heals faster and can...

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