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How to Use SL-50 Evolution

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The SL50 Cluster Laser

Thank you for choosing the Laser Therapeutics SL50
Cluster Laser for the treatment of Periorbital (Eye)
Wrinkles. Laser Therapeutics’ products satisfy the
highest demands placed on quality, function and design.



At the end of this post, you will learn the following:


Introduction to the SL50 Cluster Laser

The Laser Therapeutics SL50 Cluster Laser is a handheld device that uses
(visible) red and (invisible) infrared laser light to stimulate the cells of the
skin for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. These
are called “periorbital wrinkles”, or “crow’s feet”. Doctors around the
world have used laser light to treat skin conditions in their clinics for
many years. The SL50 Cluster Laser was developed to enable you to treat
eye wrinkles in the comfort and convenience of your own home. The
SL50 Cluster contains the same beneficial energy wavelengths that come
from the sun, without the harmful UV rays. This laser light stimulates
cellular production of collagen in the skin, reducing the appearance of
wrinkles around the eyes, and promoting new skin development. The
treatment is safe, painless, drug free and helps stimulate the body’s own
natural processes to heal damage to the skin caused by aging and other

The SL50 Cluster Laser System

The SL50 Cluster Laser system consists of this manual, a handheld laser
used for treatment, a separate Power Supply for charging the batteries in
the device, a convenient Positioning Base to hold the laser during
recharging, and safety Goggles to wear during treatment.

The SL50 Cluster Laser hand-piece contains:
• twelve red and infrared diodes for treatment
• control buttons for operating the unit
• an information window in the center of the housing
• a battery compartment with rechargeable, replaceable battery
• a connection point for the Positioning Base used to recharge
the laser’s battery pack

Charging the SL50 Cluster Laser
Before using the SL50 Cluster Laser for the first time, charge it for
eight hours.
To prepare for charging, place the laser into the supplied Positioning Stand.
The unit should be facing forward in the Stand and securely fit over the pin
in the bottom.

Procedure for Charging the SL50 Cluster Laser
•Make sure the SL50 Cluster Laser is securely placed in the
Positioning Stand
•Insert the connector end of the Power Supply cord into the
connection on the back of the Positioning Stand.
•Plug the Power Supply into an electrical wall outlet.
•The unit will start charging automatically.
•Charge the unit for 8 hours prior to initial use.
•There is a 4-stage charge indicator located in the control window. It
is shaped like a battery. When the unit is fully charged there will be
4 bars showing.
•Unplug the Power Supply from the wall outlet once charging is
•After the initial 8-hour charge, recharge the laser as needed. The
frequency of recharging will depend on how often you use the laser.
•When the battery indicator shows only one bar, recharge the unit
until 4 bars are showing, but no longer than 8 hours.
Indications for Use Statement
The SL50 Cluster Laser is a home-use device for the treatment of periorbital
(eye) wrinkles, more commonly known as “crow’s feet”. Eye wrinkles occur
naturally as a result of aging, and can also be caused by prolonged sun
exposure and other environmental factors. Eye wrinkles usually look like this:

Compare the skin around your eyes to the picture to determine if you have
periorbital wrinkles.


Risks and Benefits
To get the best results for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles, we
recommend you use the SL50 Cluster Laser twice a week for four
weeks. Laser light stimulates the production of collagen below the
surface of the skin. It takes time for the collagen to work its way to
the surface of the skin, thereby “plumping up” wrinkles. So while you
may notice an improvement in your skin during treatment, you will
see the maximum results within 3-6 weeks after your treatment.
If you should experience any persistent (lasting more than 24 hours)
redness in your skin following treatment, please stop using the SL50
Cluster Laser and see your doctor. Never shine the laser into your

sl50-top-and bottom- view

Before Using the SL50 Cluster Laser
Read the instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with the operation
and the location of the laser’s controls. On the head of the laser, you will
find a yellow triangle with a symbol of a laser beam. This identifies the
laser aperture and the direction of the laser beam emission. Never stare
directly into the laser light or shine the laser into your eyes.
The SL50 Cluster Laser has been fully tested in accordance with
government safety standards for laser power exposure and eye exposure, as
a Class 1M device. We recommend the following steps for your comfort
and safety, prior to using the device.
Skin Preparation
•Some people have exaggerated skin reactions to sunlight. This
condition is called photosensitivity. People often call this a sun allergy.
People with photosensitivity have an immunological response to light -
- most often sunlight. They can break out in a rash when exposed to
sunlight. The amount of exposure required to cause a reaction varies
from person to person. Some people with photosensitivity are also
affected by indoor fluorescent lighting, or laser light.
•Before using the laser for the first time for periorbital wrinkles, test it
on your forearm for 10 minutes. This test is meant to determine if
you have sensitivity to light. If you do not have an adverse reaction
within 24 hours following this treatment you may use the laser
regularly. Please follow the instructions under “Treatment
Schedule” on page 14 to perform the light sensitivity test.
•Once you have determined that you do not have a photosensitivity to
light, you are ready for treatment.
•Before starting treatment with the laser, remove all jewelry.
•Wash off any makeup, gels or creams from your face.

Cleaning the SL50 Cluster Laser
We recommend that you clean the laser lens before and after each use with
isopropyl alcohol which is available locally in drugstores and
supernarkets. Dampen (do not soak) a soft cloth with alcohol and rub the
cloth over the laser window and the stainless steel rings. You can also use
alcohol wipes. Do not use any other cleaning solutions on the device. Do
not immerse the laser in alcohol, water or any liquid. You may dry the
SL50 Cluster Laser with a soft cloth or allow it to dry naturally. Ensure
that the Laser is completely dry before using it.

Functions Shown in the Control Window
On the inside of the SL50 Cluster Laser handle, there is a Control Window
that displays the functions of the laser. When the laser is turned on, this
window will illuminate.

SL50 Cluster Laser
Control Buttons and Labels

Untitled picture

We have supplied protective Goggles with the laser. They are not required
for a Class 1M laser, however some clients feel more secure when using
them, and we recommend you do. To use the goggles, attach the elastic
strap to the goggles and position the Goggles over your eyes. Remove them
when you are finished with your laser treatment.

In order to achieve the best results for treatment of periorbital wrinkles,
we recommend you use the SL50 Cluster Laser twice a week for four
weeks, for a total of eight treatments. For each area you need to treat,
apply the laser for 10 minutes. Remember, before beginning treatment,
you must first test your skin for a photosensitive reaction.

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