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Trident LED Acne Light Therapy System (Cordless)

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A Radiant and Healthy Complexion…Without Harsh Chemical Treatments

Are you wary of invasive plastic surgery, expensive wrinkle creams that don’t seem to work, and endless dermatologist visits? The good news is that there’s a kinder, less invasive and less expensive solution utilizing the healing power of light therapy to safely rejuvenate your skin in the comfort of your home.

The revitalizing power of light has been harnessed into the handheld Trident Light Therapy Beauty System so you can experience the complexion-enhancing benefits of an age-reducing dermatological spa treatment in the privacy of your own home.

The compact device with three detachable treatment heads is a high-tech, multitasking, age-zapping workhorse harnessing non-invasive and non-thermal single frequency light energy to treat acne and lighten age spots, freckles, and the dark splotchy blotches caused by hyperpigmentation.

With an appropriate LED treatment head shining its pure healing light onto your skin—targeted towards specific problem areas—a healthy and luminous complexion will gradually surface!

  • The device will slowly and safely uncover your skin’s natural beauty using bio-stimulation principles much like the principles explained in a noted NASA study: http://www.nasa.gov/centers/marshall/news/news/releases/2003/03-199.html.
  • Within eight weeks of continuous light therapy treatment with the red LED and infrared light wavelengths, most individuals will notice a significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and an overall increase in skin firmness, radiance and health. The complexion will appear refreshed and more even in tone—imparting a younger appearance overall. 
  • Users with acne-prone skin will notice reduced inflammation and reduction of mild acne after using the blue LED treatment head on skin three to five times a week for 30 days, as bacteria is eliminated before triggering acne growth.
  • Individuals who are trying to avoid harsh chemical skin lighteners or expensive laser office treatments to reduce hyperpigmentation, freckles and age spots can use the green LED treatment head as a natural, chemical-free alternative which reduces the effects of years of cumulative sun damage. With its powerful 525nm wavelength, the green LED light effectively penetrates the basal layer of the skin’s dermis to gradually and safely reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles and discolored skin. When used regularly, green LED users notice their skin taking on a softer and more luminous clarity, texture and tone. The green LED treatment head is also very effective for reducing inflammation and rejuvenating the overall surface appearance of the skin. 
  • A handheld base -Cordless & Rechargable. 
  • One red & infrared super-bright LED treatment head (660nm red & 850nm infrared)
  • One blue super-bright LED treatment head (405nm blue)
  • One green super-bright LED treatment head (525nm)
  • A 110-240v AC international/domestic adapter (USA style plug shape)
  • An instruction manual in English
  • A one-year warranty

UPC: 616983959374

  • Three interchangeable light therapy heads allow for individualized and targeted skin treatment
  • Utilizes four LED colors: red, infrared, blue & green
  • Programmable pulsing (5Htz)
  • Cordless & Rechargable. Only Bright Therapy offers the Cordless version!
  • Treatment protocols included in the user's manual
  • Provides anti-aging therapy to eliminate or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, spider veins, scars, acne, pimples, age spots, and freckles
  • Designed for super easy operation using two control buttons
  • Compact light therapy provides a chemical-free, non-invasive biostimulation skin treatment to improve your skin's appearance
  • Safe for home use; LED's will not burn or over-treat skin
  • LEDs are rated at over 10,000 hours of continuous use and will never burn out or need to be replaced

Note for Blue LED Treatment Head Users:  Some users see an increase in acne from one to three weeks after initial use. That is a normal skin reaction due to the release of bacteria from under the skin during blue light therapy treatments. Do not discontinue the treatment! Within a few weeks you should see considerable improvement as the bacteria decreases and is gradually eliminated.

For All Users: It is normal for some of the LEDs to appear dark when turned on because they are infrared and not visible to the human eye.

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