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RelieveIR Infrared LED Light Therapy Pain & Skin Care Device

149.99 $299.99
Infrared LED Light Therapy Pain & Skin Care Device - RelieveIR. 3 devices in 1- Infrared & Red Light Therapy & IR Heat Therapy. For pain relief arthritis pain muscle & joint pain or anti-aging & acne

  • 3 Light Therapy treatment devices in 1! - Uses 890nm LED infrared light therapy, 650nm red light therapy, and IR heat therapy! FDA approved (K number K043306) Built in 10 minute timer!
  • FDA Approved! Promotes the Increase in blood circulation and oxygen supply, increases collagen production to Tighten skin, improve metabolism for great Anti aging and wrinkle reduction results.
  • Deep penetrating infrared LED light therapy reaches deep into the skin to stimulate cell reproduction and healing providing relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain, and muscle spasms.
  • Prevent the formation of melanin pigment Firming your skin Smooth pocks and lighten scars Remedy acne and dermatitis.
  • The Bright Therapy RelieveIR Infrared Wand works great for Acne treatments by increasing healing times in the skin up to 2 times faster for healthier, smoother skin that fights the formation of acne.

The Bright Therapy RelieveIR Infrared wand and has been designed to utilize 3 treatments in one convenient light therapy device. The RelieveIR utilizes 890nm infrared LED light therapy for extremely deep skin penetration, 650nm RED LED light therapy for skin healing, and IR heat therapy to improve the metabolic rate and blood circulation. Together the RelieveIR achieves the photo-stimulation effect which promotes faster cellular reproduction, increased blood circulation and cell wall exchange. The effects of increased cell reproduction and blood circulation is faster healing times (2-3x faster), healthier tissue, reduces swelling and helps with pain relief. For skin there is increased production of elastins and collagen bundling between the cells, leading to reduced wrinkles and faster healing times. Skin will appear younger, plumper and healthier looking within 2-6 weeks. Red and Infrared Light therapy makes the skin healthier so it heals faster and can fight new acne breakouts more effectively.

The RelieveIR Infrared light therapy and IR heat therapy is most commonly used for pain and healing  but is also suitable for wrinkles, anti-aging, and healthier skin. This is because Red & infrared light reach to the to the lowest skin layer where new skin is growing. (The skin on the surface of your face is dead and is not affected by light therapy.) The newly forming skin reproduces faster under light therapy making more collagen and the cells are healthier and more puffed up. See results with just 10 minute daily use!

The RelieveIR infrared LED light therapy wand's photon energy penetrates the skin to promote increased blood flow and circulation providing relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain, and muscle spasm. The elevated tissue temperature also promotes relaxation of muscles of muscles and relief from pain resulting in improved range of motion. FDA approved (K number K043306)

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