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500mw Laser Hair Comb

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Bright Therapy Light Brush 500 Laser Comb Hair Growth Loss Regrowth Treatment 16 x 30mw Lasers 480mw of POWER! #1 most powerful!

#1 Most POWERFUL laser comb in the world! Almost 500mw of POWER - REAL LASERS - NO LED!

 Bright Therapy Light Brush 500 is the most powerful Laser hair brush available today featuring 16 x 30mw 660nm REAL RED LASERS. 480mw of LASER POWER! The Hairmax 12 only has 60mw! MORE POWER = BETTER RESULTS.

100% 16 AUTHENTIC 660nm LASERS rated at 30mw each! That is almost 500mw of power! (480mw) 70% less than a Hairmax Professional 12 at $545 with 7 more lasers and 8 TIMES more powerful with 30mw LASERS! The Hair Hairmax uses just 5mw with only 12 lasers. Bright Therapy Light Brush 500 is 8 x more powerful and uses 2 rows of 8 Lasers for wider coverage.

  •  480nm Total Power. 16 x 30mw 660nm RED Lasers 
  • 12000 Hour Laser Guarantee
  • Dual Row Lasers offering wider coverage
  • USA  AC Adapter – Corded. This brush is TOO powerful to be battery powered!
  • English Instruction Manual
  • Goggles Included
  • 1 Year Warranty

 The laser comb cycles off every 4 seconds just like laser caps costing $3000. This gives the follicle the burst of light to stimulate hair growth!  Only found on expensive models.

How to use:
Simply move the laser comb every 4 seconds from front to back then go side to side 15 minutes a day 3 days a week.   For faster results we recommend daily use for the first 30 days than 3 times a week from then on. Real results take at least 3 months to achieve (for any laser hair comb) so you really need to be dedicated to using this device.


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